Disney tickets for free/cheap

Now a big expense going to Disney World is the tickets.  They just went up in price too.  When we bought them they were about $330 for adults and $310 for kids.  So for our family the tickets totalled about $1,600.  You can’t buy tickets with airline miles or hotel points but you can buy them using fixed value points.  There are 2 credit card you can get that will allow you to use the sign up bonus to purchase Disney tickets.  They are:

  1. Barclays Arrival plus card – Right now the sign up bonus is 50,000 points.  After spending the $3,000 dollars minimum spending requirement you’ll have 56,000 points (you get 2 points/dollar spent).  Each point is worth 1 cent toward travel so you now have $560 to spend.  You simply pay for your travel with the credit card and then you can “wipe it out” or reimburse yourself the money.  Now, if you and your spouse got one each you’d have $1,120 toward disney tickets.
  2. Capital One venture rewards card – This card works the same way except right now it comes with 40,000 points instead of 50,000 as the arrival plus does.  So after minimum spending you’d have 46,000 points or $460 to spend on travel.  Again, you and your spouse/significant other could each get one resulting in $920 to spend on travel.  

So if you and another each got both cards you’d have $2,040 to spend on any travel related expense including disney tickets.  That covers 2 adults and 4 kids!!

Now, here is an important step – When you pay for travel with these cards, the charge must show up as in the travel category or else you can’t use your points to “erase” that purchase.  I don’t know how it would show up if you bought directly from Disney but I can tell you it does show up as a travel category when you buy from Undercover tourist.  They are the same price or a little cheaper than directly from Disney and are well known, trusted and respected.  I bought from them and was able to use my points after the purchase posted.  

So now you  know how to get Disney tickets for free, Disney hotel for $75 and flights for $11/person.  The only expenses left are transportation to/from airport and parks, food (lunch and dinner- remember free breakfast at Embassy Suites) and gifts for the kids.  

I truly hope this helps and allows you to go make some great memories with your kids or just enjoy a vacation for yourselves.

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If you want a little primer on Disney tickets, this video may be helpful.