Disney odds and ends


There are many ways to “do Disney” and it just depends on how much money you can spend, time of year you go, how many people you’re taking, what parks you want to focus on, etc…

I’ve shared my experience with a family of 5 (3 kids and 2 adults) and how it worked for us.  So now I’ll share just a few odds and ends from our trip that might be helpful as there is a lot to consider when you’re planning a Disney World trip.

  1. Getting around – Our hotel, Embassy Suites, had a shuttle that went to Epcot each day and from there on to the other parks.  We were originally planning on taking it each day to the parks and getting an uber ride home.  We decided to just take uber both ways each day as it was not that expensive and was direct without having to wait for others.  The cost of Uber in and around Orlando is pretty cheap relatively.  We paid on average $20 each way from our hotel to the Disney parks and it took about 20 minutes to get there.  Now with 5 people, we had to use uber xl, which gets you a vehicle that holds up to 6 people.  It’s typically a mini-van or suv with plenty of room.  With our little 4 year old, we bought an inflatable booster seat for him called a bubble-bum.  It worked out pretty well for our family and I’d recommend it if you want a quick trip to and from the parks.  One note, getting to Magic Kingdom is a little tricky.  You can’t be dropped off at the entrance.  The quickest way we found was to uber to the contemporary resort and then take the 7 minute walk to Magic Kingdom.
  2. Snacks – Food in Disney World is expensive.  We had the big breakfast included in our hotel so we didn’t even need much for lunch.  We brought a ton of snacks like granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter jelly sandwiches, etc… and were fine all afternoon.  We then bought dinner at the parks if we stayed that late.  Can save you a lot of money and you eat a little healthier too.
  3. Rental homes – If we had thought we’d rely so much on uber, we would have considered using airbnb or homeaway.com to rent a place.  They are very affordable around Disney and there are a ton of them.  If you have a few families or extended families staying together then this is the way to go.  Many homes have a pool as well.  In my post here on buying Disney tickets for cheap, I talk about using fixed value points for them.  Well, if you have extra points from the Arrival plus card or the Venture Rewards card, you can use them for Airbnb stays.  Simply charge your Airbnb stay on your credit card and then wipe out that charge when it posts using your points. 

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Careful in that hot Florida sun.  See here for tips on how to keep from burning and ruining your vacation.